Reuben Schwartz Amish Iridologist

2022 Update on Jake Shirk Amish Iridologist

2022 Update on Jake Shirk Amish Iridologist

2022 Update on Jake Shirk Amish Iridologist

**Please note: I DO NOT work for Jake Shirk (formerly Reuben Schwartz). I CANNOT make appointments for him as I am a client, not an office worker.

The Amish DO NOT have phones, so they only correspond through “snail mail.” If you have questions, I’m always open to answering.

However, if you want to schedule an appointment to see Jake Shirk, you MUST write him a letter. Jake Shirk’s office will respond in about 7-10 business days. They will give you a day and time. You can let the office know what days/times are good for you. The office will try and make that happen.

If you choose NOT to write a letter, you can always just “walk-in.” If you decide to do that, please understand that those with appointments take priority. If the Iridology office is packed with those with appointments, you may or may not be seen that day. When it is time to go home, they go home. There is no staying later.**

Calling Mountain Air Herbs

Today, during H’s three-hour-long therapy session, I decided it was a good time to call Mountain Air Herbs. The sweet people that run this company are English; therefore, they have phones.

Today, I spoke with Carrie. She and her husband work at Mountain Air Herbs. As always, she is so kind in answering all my questions and filling me in on the happenings in Amish Country.

Just as I can’t make appointments for Jake, neither can Carrie or her husband at Mountain Air Herbs. They can answer some questions, but not all questions. You can call during business hours if you have questions about herbs or supplements.

Changes to Note

Mountain Air Herbs is in Amish country where Jake Shirk, Iridologist, is located. They work in tandem with Jake. The business has changed its office hours, so please note the change.

Mountain Air Herbs
1945 Radure Rd.
Hestand, KY 42151

Office Hours: Monday and Friday 8-4, CST and Saturday 8-12, CST

Another change they have made since Co-Vid19 is they now do business through their window service. Mountain Air Herbs is a small business. With the number of people that came through, this decision was made for the well-being of everyone.

I have personally been in this establishment multiple times. Also, I call every year for an update. It has a tiny little lobby because its place is full of herbs and supplements. Window service is beneficial considering the size of the business.

Carrie and her husband can help you decipher what is on Jake’s list of items you need. They can’t always tell you which is more important and which you don’t need. However, they will tell you what is similar and if something can be bought cheaper elsewhere.

Mountain Air Herbs takes cash, credit cards, debit cards, and checks. This business does not refill empty bottles. You can bring your empty bottle, and they can take it back up to the Amish, where they can reuse it.

Jake Shirk Amish Iridologist

Jake worked for Reuben Schwartz for years before taking over the business. Carrie said he has been learning under Reuben for at least 14 years.

Reuben had an eye injury a couple of years ago. Recently, he received surgery to correct and restore vision in his eye. They were not wholly successful. Reuben is healthy and doing well.

Also, his wife recently passed away, so retiring was the best thing for him to do for himself. Jake is busy and doing well at the business. He has several clerks that help out. Also, they bring their homegrown or homemade goods to the store, so they get extra money!

For Jake, take cash. My suggestion would be around $200. That is all they handle. Jake’s services are free, but he does accept donations. They DO refill their amber bottles. If you choose to make a follow-up appointment, then be sure and bring those back so you can reuse them.

Amish Iridologist Jake Shirk (formerly run by Reuben Schwartz, retired)

1205 Radure Rd.
Hestand, KY 42151
No phone number because they are Amish and do not have access to phones or computers.

Office Hours: Monday and Friday 7:30-3, CST and Saturday 7:30-11 CST

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