Chicken Alfredo Soup

Chicken Alfredo Soup

Chicken Alfredo Soup

Just go ahead and slap your mama. Dang, it. This Chicken Alfredo Soup is now tied for first place for Big Daddy. The other two are Easy White Chicken Chili with Cream Cheese and Pizza Soup Recipe. Frankly, I am impressed with myself.


3 cans of chicken, drained (feel free to use chicken breasts because you can use the broth)




3/4 c. butter

3/4 c. flour

1 c. heavy cream

Sour Cream

Chicken bouillon






Saute up the cut-up onion and garlic in butter. Once sauteed, add in your flour and cook that down a bit. Get your whisk out and add 2 c. water. Whisk that all in really well. Now, I wish I could tell you how much chicken bouillon I used, but I used that paste. I think I did about 2 Tbsps. Sprinkle with your seasoning.

Once that is incorporated, add more water and keep stirring. I did this in my Instant Pot on saute mode, by the way. You will notice your “roux” is getting thicker. I think I did about 5 c. water. You can adjust accordingly. Add your chicken and parmesan.

Moving On

Let’s talk pasta real quick. I used bowtie pasta. I brought my water to a boil in my pot (not the instant pot). Once it came to a boil, I seasoned it and added my pasta. Drain and then add to your roux.

Next time, I might use a couple of boxes of Ditalini pasta or maybe cut up fettucini. The bowties were fine and good, but I think I want a smaller type, like a small rigatoni. Ugh, I need to go and look at all the types or make my own. Do you know what would be good? Putting in cheese tortellini. Cause, yum!


Once I got all that in the pot, I added the heavy and sour cream. If you cook this in an instant pot, you must keep stirring because it will start to burn on the bottom. Baby it! In the end, I added about 2 cups (I know, I know) of mozzarella. Keep tasting to adjust the seasoning. Remember, you can always add seasoning, but you can’t take it out if you put too much in there. Start small and add as you like!

Dang, this was good. Had my Oak been here, I would’ve slapped her face 🙂 Then, she would have slapped me back, LOL.