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Be Careful Little Mouth What You Say

Be Careful Little Mouth What You Say

Be Careful Little Mouth What You Say


Be Careful Little Mouth What You Say because your tongue has the power of life or death. This past week, I was tootling along in life and I get a slap of reality upside the head. My knee jerk reaction is to withdraw and be alone. In that alone time, I continuously beat myself up. My thoughts are not kind at all. Almost immediately, I think that I am not good enough, I will never fit in, no one will ever be friends with me, I am worthless. See what I mean, not kind at all. Then, I think back to what I had said or done, what I could have done differently, and then self-deprecate to an extreme.

Healthy, I know.


In Proverbs 18:21 (The Message) it says “Words kill, words give life; they’re either poison or fruit – you choose.” I typically do not read out of The Message but the wording in this is really spot on for me. Typically, I read out of the NKJV and so this is the same verse in a different version. “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, And those who love it will eat its fruit.” The Lord is really making me think today. Scripture also talks about the tongue being a double-edged sword.

How many times have I gone against Scripture and said things that I shouldn’t have said to people? That thought is so difficult because I have done that so many times. There are times when I am painfully aware of what I am saying and then there are times, like this one, that I am unaware until the damage has already been done.

Reflecting on This Last Week

There was something that was said to me that just hurt my heart. When I was driving home I kept thinking “why is this bothering me so much?” It stems back to being in school and never fitting in with anyone. I had 1 friend when I was super young, none really throughout elementary, middle, or high school. Honestly, none in my community college. I did have a friend when I started at Murray and we are still friends to this day. Then, there was my Lady. I find it easier to make friends with the elderly or men.

What Is Swirling in My Mind Now

Honestly, is how I speak to myself, my husband, children, etc. If, at 51, one statement can make me feel so small and “less than” how do the people that I am with feel when I say something stupid without thinking. I have to realize that not everything that enters my mind needs to exit my mouth. That has always been difficult for me because I see that as “speaking my mind.” In speaking my mind, I am hurting others without really even knowing.

I feel like that statement doesn’t make sense when I type it but it is SO clear in my head. What the enemy meant for destruction, the Lord is teaching me a valuable truth. I get so frustrated with the situations within my family, mind, work, etc. My hope and prayer is that I use this time to reflect on, not the negative, but the positive things about myself. I hope that this continues to be a reminder that I need to be mindful of my words. My prayer is that my words can now give life instead of pain.

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