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A Letter Written for My Younger Self: School-Aged Edition

A Letter Written for My Younger Self: School-Aged Edition

A Letter Written for My Younger Self: School-Aged Edition

A Letter Written for My Younger Self: School-Aged Edition series will be written to heal the broken parts of my inner child. I am a therapist and this is something that I do with my clients, regularly. As I was working through this topic, it dawned on me, that I needed to do this as well.

Let me preface this by saying that I have amazing parents and family. My parents have been married for 61 years. Their love story is one that I hope to get written, on behalf of them, one day. It has not always been sunshine and rainbows. There have been a lot of storms and uncertainty. In the end, however, their love for each other has grown stronger.

What I dealt with, as a child and teenager, has no reflection on their love for me or how I was raised. I am blessed to have a provider and protector in my father. Equally as blessed to have my Oak who has roots that run deep and a can reach even the deepest holes to pull me out when I need it.

Dear School-Aged Brandi,

I want you to know that you are NOT stupid. In fact, the way your brain works is quite fascinating. I will agree that telling time is hard and knowing your right from your left is challenging. You were able to master tying your shoes, eventually and math can sometimes still be a struggle, but you learn some tips and tricks that help things move a bit more quickly. Newsflash of hope: In your mid-thirties, you will “accidentally” learn what the deal is and why you struggle with the issues that you do. A sweet therapist, of one of your children, will notice some things about you. In the kindest of ways, she will mention that there is a name to what you thought was just stupidity. It is called Dyscalculia and a lot of people have it and you will conquer it.

Don’t get me wrong, eventually there will be smartphones and your job will have a lot of numbers you have to get right. On occasion, you will call the wrong person but it is all good. It is not a big deal and people are nicer than you think they will be. They don’t think you are stupid, they just think you dialed the wrong number. It is okay and there is no need to be embarrassed or make excuses.

Heading to Kindergarten

You wanted to stay home with your mama. She wanted you to stay home with her but she had to put you in Kindergarten. Going to school was hard on you both, but you both made it! It was not your teacher’s fault you had never seen a 4 legged dog. How was she supposed to know that? How were you supposed to know that dogs had four legs when you had never seen one? It was an honest mistake. Granted, she should have never told you were stupid but do you remember your Oak came in like a lion. She fought for you, defended you, and taught that teacher a thing or two. Your Oak set the stage for your graduating that year and moving on.

Second Grade

That day, in Ms. Dallas’ class where you couldn’t tell your times table was really hard. Here’s the thing. If Ms. Dallas knew better, she would have done better. She didn’t know that you got your numbers mixed up. She didn’t know that there was a reason for that, however, she shouldn’t have made fun of you. Her making fun of you made the other kids laugh at you and call you names. She certainly should not have kept you in from recess so many times until you got it. I am sure she sees how her calling you names and laughing made the other kids do that as well.

Eventually, you learned and for that, you should be proud of yourself. I am not sure why you chose not to tell your Oak. If you had told her, she would have come to the school and fought for you again. She was never too busy to fight for you. I’m sorry you felt like you had to stay silent and hold that pain inside you. You are safe now. Those times tables are a bitch but girl, you have them down, mostly LOL. Regardless of what they say, you don’t scream out that 8×7=56 in your everyday life. It’s all good and you did it!

Fifth Grade

In 5th grade, it isn’t your fault that you didn’t understand what an adverb was and it wasn’t your fault your teacher got so mad at you. She might have been having a bad day but that is not your fault. You should not have been thrown out of the classroom. You were not trying to cause trouble, you just didn’t understand. Your brain works differently than most peoples brains and that is okay. It is okay to be different. You know, now, the big ones. A noun, verb, adjective, conjunction, and even a gerund and dangling participle. Girl, you can spell, read fast, comprehend what you are reading, and all that fun stuff. To add to the accomplishments, you have graduated 5 of your 7 children through homeschooling. You are a beast. Your teacher just didn’t see that then but that moment in time does not dictate your future.

In Sixth Grade

In 6th grade, the bullying started because you were placed in the “stupid class.” That was so hard for you. Honestly, I am so sorry that you felt singled out, was made fun of, and hurt so deeply. I know when you lined up and were paraded in front of the other kids, your ‘friends’ laughed and pointed at you. There were chants of us going to the “stupid class.” It was embarrassing and hard but you covered up that pain with acting silly and being the class clown. You had almost mastered covering up that pain with laughter but I know on the inside, you were breaking.

I believe that is why you fight so hard for your kids, who are in public school. Those classes are called “special Ed” classes and they are not for stupid people. They are for kids who might need a little extra help in some areas of learning. They are there to help kids, not to hurt them. Again, when you know better, you do better. Guess what? You told your Oak and she went to that school and fought for you, again! She got you out of that class and put you back where you belong. However, what mom did not know is that the “social damage” had already been done. She is a beast of a mama!

Special Ed, Now

Now, several years later, they integrate the kids who need some extra help into the mainstream class. What they do is place collaborative teachers in the mainstream class to just quietly lead, guide, and help where needed. If you were in school, now, you wouldn’t have had to be paraded like that, you can just go to the regular classroom. Isn’t that awesome. The school knew they needed to do better and over the years, then they did better. Is the program perfect? Nope, but it is better!

Middle and High School

After elementary school, middle and high school was nothing but an isolating bully-fest. I am so sorry that you were made fun of for what you wore, your hair, your smile, and basically just breathing. Your peers were not nice to you because they realized that your dad was a police officer and he had busted a lot of those people you went to school with at the time. Your dad did his job and did it well. You were just a byproduct of the bad choices that those “friends” made. None of that is your fault.

In the future, there are still cliques, bullying, and peer pressure. Honestly, it is a little bit slicker and more polished, but it is still the same as if you were still in school. I am really sorry that you didn’t have any friends and that you were made fun of for not wanting to have sex or do drugs. You had values and you stuck to them. I know that it was “assumed” that you would probably get pregnant in high school but the joke is on those people. That was the last thing on my mind. Also, I am sorry that you were made fun of by the clothes you wore because they were not name brand. Your clothes were just fine and you always were clean and looked nice. The fact that those ‘friends’ could not see that is not your fault.


I am sorry you didn’t go to your senior prom. You were so humiliated that no one asked you. Honestly, you could have gone alone but I understand that money was an issue plus you would have been made even more fun of if you went by yourself. It is okay to be sad about that and when your teacher says “go anyway, it will be the greatest regret of your life.” That isn’t true. Girl, there are plenty more things that you will regret but it was sad. Once again, you masked your pain with indifference and humor. You still do that…one day, we need to sit down with each other and have a chat about that little issue.


You did graduate high school, but in true fashion, you were left out again. The local newspaper always does a huge article and lists off all the graduates. Your name was not on the list. I know it was shocking when you start getting phone calls from people asking why you aren’t graduating. I’m not really sure how you got left off, but they did send you a “special” article with your name in it and an apology. Now, did that go out in the mainstream paper? No, but still, they tried to make amends.

You left that school with no friends but you had a diploma. There are pictures of you smiling with your classmates but it was a “let’s get this over with” type of smile. That’s okay, your school years were not easy. Your life began after school. You did not just graduate from high school but you graduated from college as well. Girl, you graduated with an associate’s degree, a bachelor’s degree, and a master’s. That master’s degree you have, you graduated with a 3.97 the first time and a 4.0 the second time.

A Billion Years Later

When Facebook came around, it is amazing how people from your past find you and want to “friend” you because we had the “best” time in school and were the “best” of friends. You did receive a ton of requests and you accepted them all because you finally fit in! They wanted to know what you have been up to and fill you in on their wonderful lives. Your “friends list” grows and grows. Finally, you are accepted and they want a relationship with you. Then, you realize that that is not the truth. Good job in learning to distinguish between a classmate, a true friend, an acquaintance, and so on.

Lasting Friendships

Just so you know, you will make an amazing friend you call Lady. You will also meet someone in the same parenting stage as you, you will reconnect with a college friend who will become your accountability partner, and someone you will meet online that friendship will continue in your real life and not just through a screen. One day, you will have a job and meet a like-minded person. There will be a friend that will pop back up from many churches ago who will be a prayer warrior for you. A friend of your sister’s who will become a sounding board and then become a friend of yours. Then, there will be a friend you meet in the adoption world who gets you on every level. There are so many more people from church that will change your life.

You Did It

The hard stuff, you did it.

Graduating, you did it.

Persevered, you did it.

Survived bullying, you did it.

You became stronger and you are the person that fights for those who are considered “less than.” The lessons you watched from your Oak, you have taken and instituted into everything that you do. Incidentally, your Oak became an AMAZING teacher of kids from hard places. Your dad still fought the good fight and a lot of those people from school attribute their lives to him saving them.

I know, today, you have not learned to love yourself or your differences. There are days when you continue to mask those differences and by the time you can take the masks off, you are exhausted. Please give yourself grace and know that, in the end, you are gonna be okay. Be proud of who you are.



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Adoption, Life or Something Like It

Why Do I Blog?

Why Do I Blog?

Why Do I Blog?
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Why Do I Blog? Well, that is a good question. I started my blog almost eleven years ago. It was not what it is today, it was much different. I was in the thick of raising (ie keeping alive, feeding, homeschooling, and all the things) only five kids. We were in the process of adopting our sixth child, internationally.

Originally My Intentions

My blog originated with the intent of keeping family and friends in the loop about our process. It is hard to know who you told what to while in that process. This was an easy way for me to make sure everyone knew everything. The process was hard. It was sanctifying and challenged my faith.

Our journey was long and hard with our adoption. There were many people in many places (and countries) that was following our journey. A blog was just easier because I could word vomit all my feelings. There were so many emotions during that time. You have, in the beginning, what is called a “paper pregnancy.” It takes about 9 months to do all the paperwork, get the dossier together, homestudy, and travel.

Then, we had a 15 month delay, so that emotional rollercoaster was all documented. It really was just so I could process my emotions and keep my eyes above the waves. There were some times I wrote about raising kids, homeschooling life, and cleaning but it was mainly on our adoption.

Moving Forward

After his adoption, my blog shifted to just homeschooling mom life of six kids. Adjusting to the new addition in our family, my husband starting a new job, and just living life. It was full of adoption related content that helped me keep an account of all the fun and not so fun things that happened.

Many things I wrote, I have set to private. As I went through and reread them, over the years, I decided that it was not something I wanted to remain for the public to see. Adoption is beautiful but it is also extremely hard and trying. Add that to my journey through my own personal trauma and mental health issues…well, it isn’t for public consumption.

Here We Are Today

I write when I have a chance. There are so many things that have gone on lately. In short, I went back to college (again), got a job, working through my health crap, studying for the world’s worst test, cooking, raising kids, being a Lolli, and all the things. I would like to get back into writing more, but I have not been in the mental state to do so. In time, trying to get back into the swing of things. We shall see where it goes.


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30 Things that Make Me Happy

30 Things that Make Me Happy

30 Things that Make Me Happy

Getting back in to writing, as I have taken quite a bit of time off. The reasons for taking time off are many, but that is not what I want to focus on today. So, here are 30 Things that Make Me Happy.

  • My grandchildren
  • When all my kids are together
  • Cheese, coke, pasta
  • Doing what I love
  • Cats (and my 1 dog, Sissy Baby)
  • Talking to my mom
  • Tattoos
  • Getting my hair done
  • A clean house
  • Swimming
  • Going for car rides, alone
  • Movies
  • Organizing
  • Physically feeling better
  • Hair growing back in, somewhat (explanation at a later date)
  • Baby giggles
  • Good sleep
  • The smell of Patchouli, cinnamon, and siberian fir diffusing
  • Steak Fajita bowl with extra queso
  • Pebbled leather or soft leather purses
  • Feelings of peace
  • Flowers
  • Helping others
  • Combining like objects so I can throw the extra packaging away (this is a real thing)
  • Finally understanding a concept
  • Reading good books
  • Feeling loved
  • Listening to 50s & 60s music
  • People I can trust
  • Hot showers

Thoughts on This

Honestly, this was harder than I thought it would be. I mean the first few are no-brainers but the rest, I am literally sitting here thinking “what does make me happy?* Happiness is circumstantial and can come and go like the tides of the ocean. Lately, I have not been happy very much due to the circumstances that I have dealt with on a daily basis.

Joy, however, comes from the Lord. In short, you can have been in the middle of the darkest time of your life and still have joy. Joy does not swirl around your circumstances. It is a state of being. Do I have a lot of joy? Uhm, no. Do I have a mustard seed? Yep, but just the tiniest seed.

Not gonna lie, it has been hard around here for a long time. There have been moments of brightness but for the most part, lots of valleys. I am thankful for my family that continues to lift us up, in their prayers. Their support has been amazing, however, there is so much I haven’t shared with anyone. They know that and call me out, occasionally, to “use my words” and come out of my hole.

Slowly, I am emerging…into the Light.

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A Love Letter on Your 50th Birthday

A Love Letter on Your 50th Birthday

What can I say to you, on your big 50th? There is so much and yet I am at a loss for words. However, this is A Love Letter on Your 50th Birthday. We have spent almost 30 years together, in the same space.

You are my safe place. If a random person walked up to you, right now, and asked “where is your wife’s favorite place to be,” you would know the answer immediately. You would look them dead in the eye and say “my armpit.” You, my dear, would be 1000% correct.

Your Presence

I feel so loved when I am in your presence. You are so thoughtful to my myriad of emotions. I am fully aware that one minute I could be laughing and we are enjoying something together…the next minute I could be having a breakdown. You never judge me, yell at me, or make me feel less than.

Listening and Prayer

You don’t try to fix me (anymore), you simply sit and listen. The overwhelming feeling of being heard, loved, and accepted is just what I need on a daily basis. When I go to bed, before you, you think I don’t feel you when you put your hand gently on my leg. I know, in that moment, you are praying for me. Thank you for consistently doing that because it has made my monsters go away and more nights then not, I can sleep peacefully.

Little Things

You poop in the boys’ bathroom so I don’t have to smell it. The times when you would run out of the house to toot because it would make me gag. Always being the man with a plan when it comes to vomit with the except of the hotdogs in the washing machine. You have my coke ready in the morning. If you had pompoms, you would be the biggest, loudest, baldest cheerleader ever. You are my supporter and my number 1 fan. Thank you for making me cookies at 10:30 at night. Also, thank you for not telling me I was fat and bald even though I was overweight and my hair was falling out. Thank you for letting me buy a purse that you knew good and well I wouldn’t carry for very long.


The encouragement you gave me while I was pursuing my dream is something that should be taught to every man who has a partner in life. When I was discouraged and doubting myself, you would pick me up and tell me that I can do it. I am capable. I am strong.

I did the biggest and scariest thing because I knew you were standing behind me, holding me up. When the kids were younger (even now), my favorite time of the day was when I heard the garage door open. I would be standing on the step, just waiting to hug you.


You are what dreams are made of. In every wrinkle on your face and gray hair on your chin (chest and back but whatever), I see our love story written. Your eyes tell our entire love story and it isn’t finished being written. I love you endlessly and forever. Thank you for never leaving me unattended, for standing between me and the bad people, for always having my back, front, and side.

You, Big Daddy, are my forever and always. I love you (and your butt) so completely.

Happy Birthday!

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Fun Facts About My Grandson

Fun Facts About My Grandson

Fun Facts About My Grandson
Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on

This post, Fun Facts About My Grandson, is written by my daughter. Clearly, I have permission to post it but will not post his photo. Seriously though, I could eat him and my granddaughter all the way up! I love them completely!

Here are some fun facts about my almost 10 month old baby boy!

  • He is a quarter Romani Gypsy thanks to his dad’s side of the family
  • He has strawberry blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes just like his mama
  • He is very stout and dense around his midsection and he has rolls upon rolls on his thighs
  • He has the cutest chubby cheeks!
  • He was born premature at 34 weeks and 1 day via emergency c-section due to eclampsia problems.
  • He was in the NICU for 1 month before coming home
  • He did start out as a breastfed baby but is now solely on formula (a fed baby is the best way to make sure they are happy!)
  • He is a weird little kid sometimes lol (his dad and I are very weird people)
  • He loves to grind his teeth and it drives me absolutely crazy
  • He has a fascination for wipes (loves to put them in his mouth)
  • He gets scared easily by loud noises and then he will cry
  • He is very very LOUD! He has a good set of lungs on him
  • He can clap his hands, sit up by himself, feed himself, say mama/baba/naenae, he likes to help take his clothes off, and he can sort of crawl now
  • He loves his mama and daddy very much but he also really loves his grandparents. He is shy around strangers at first but will warm up to you quickly
  • He has an amazing smile that will light up your whole day
  • This kiddo LOVES him so food. If he sees us eating and we don’t give him a bite or a drink he will cry like a banshee
  • He loves to laugh
  • He has 3 bottom teeth and 2 top teeth
  • He has some rank smelling poops sometimes and it is not a pleasant experience for both parties
  • He loves contact naps
  • He loves car rides
  • He growls at people and it freaks them out sometimes (this one is totally my fault)
  • He hums himself to sleep
  • Has been an amazing sleeper ever since he was born
  • He hates being hot and we have to keep our house at a cool 65 degrees or under or he will scream until he wears himself out
  • He loves his teddies and stuffed animals
  • If you take his bottle out of his mouth for even a minute before the entire bottle is finished he will… you guessed it.. Scream lol (#word)
  • He loves bath time and splashing around!

Love of Her Life

He is the love of my life and the most precious soul I have ever had the pleasure of knowing! I am so grateful and blessed that God chose me to be his mother. He came in my life when I needed him most and I would go through that c-section 100 times over just to have him in my life.

Everyday he is learning new things and we discover new things about his little personality. This baby is so incredibly sweet and a busy little dude. He always has places to go and people to see 24/7 and people who love him with a deep affection. He has been prayed over by many people during and after his birth.  I know when he is older, he will have people in his life that will always be on his side. I can not wait to see what other changes come around as we enter into toddlerhood with my sweet baby!

Life or Something Like It

The TikTok I Didn’t Know I Needed

The TikTok I Didn’t Know I Needed

The TikTok I Didn't Know I Needed
Photo by cottonbro studio on

The TikTok I Didn’t Know I Needed after a bad couple of weeks. I was aimlessly scrolling today and this caught my attention. Now, I have not watched all this person’s content, nor will I (probably) but this one struck a chord in me. There is music and captions that contains some coarse language, but if you overlook that, you will get the idea of his message.

This is a positivity account, from what I have gathered. Self-love, letting go of the negative, self-care, knowing your worth, etc. It is a message that people need to hear and adapt to their lives. You know, life doesn’t have to be as hard as we make it. There is so much that I “own” that isn’t mine to own.

I allow guilt and the things that people say to me impact me way too much. Honestly, I don’t view myself through the lens of what Jesus says about me. I view myself through the lens of others and what they say about me. Some of these people know me but a lot of them don’t.

Motto of Sorts

I say, a lot, that if someone has not had their feet under my table, they don’t have an opinion. However, even when they have had their feet under my table, they still don’t truly know. For instance, with the illness of one of my children…there have been people (family) that has been with me every step of this battle with my child. However, they still don’t really get it because they don’t live it 24/7. They see what I want them to see. Does that even make sense? Honestly, even my husband doesn’t know it all because he had to stay home and take care of business here.

Adoption and Trauma

It’s the same with adoption trauma or any trauma for that matter. I get so tired of hearing what a saint we are for taking in kids. No. Just no. We are not saints and we are not perfect parents. If I shared with you half of what our journey comprised of it would curl your toenails. It was a choice that we made to live out the gospel how we were called to live it out. Not perfect, but obedient. It has been hard. Honestly, it is still hard.

Geez, I have a lot to say on that but right now my head is not in the right space to do so.


That is the handle of this guy. I am sure he is on multiple platforms, but this is the one that I have seen. I have said, most of the week, that it has been really bad around here. The last two weeks have been rough. This is the caption of what he said (again, pardon the language).

“You are powerful and you’re seeing this for a reason! The devil wouldn’t be attacking u so hard if there wasn’t something valuable in you… Thieves don’t break into an empty house. You’re only stressin’ cause ur not giving up! A weak mf would’ve folded. Keep going.”

I am valuable. Worthy. Loved and a child of the King.

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What Small Thing Can Always Bring Me Joy

What Small Thing Can Always Bring Me Joy

What Small Thing Can Always Bring Me Joy
Photo by Bekka Mongeau on


What Small Thing Can Always Bring Me Joy. This may be silly to some, but to me this is one of the simplest things that my husband can do that makes me feel loved. On any given day, our minds are mostly in sync. We crave the same things, food wise. When I ask him what he wants for dinner, he states the exact thing I’m thinking of which makes my heart happy.

Yet, he always knows my needs even when I don’t verbalize them. We can go all day without talking or texting. I mean, he works and I stay pretty busy 98% of the time. What warms my heart is when he comes home with a sonic coke. For a long time, it was a 20 oz coke. I have now graduated to a sonic drink.

He doesn’t do this often but it’s like his body knows when my body needs a little extra love. It makes me feel like he is thinking about me during the day and he feels what I feel. We sort of live like ET, the movie. If you haven’t seen it, you should!

Choosing Joy

Sometimes when I feel the world is against me and I have no one in my corner, I look over and there he stands. He is my safe place. I have had a really difficult couple of weeks. Lots of unexpected things have come up with no real answers to them. We are doing all we can to find the answers but the uncertainty is difficult.

Couple that with relational issues, feelings of guilt and sadness, people yelling, and just the feeling of I am not enough has permeated my soul. I have voices of reason that speak Truth into me but it is hard to see when all you feel is less than. Right now it is hard for me to choose joy because I see and feel all the negative thrown my way.


I have a playlist on YouTube that has lots of hymns along with praise and worship songs. Lauren Daigle’s song, Remember, is one that I have played on repeat today. If you need a gentle reminder that you are not your past, you are redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb, and that you are worthy, please listen to it.

It’s okay to not be okay. Eventually, you have to wash your face and straighten your crown.

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Epically Bad Day…One for the Books

Life or Something Like It

Epically Bad Day…One for the Books

Epically Bad Day…One for the Books

Epically Bad Day...One for the Books

Epically Bad Day…One for the Books. I mean seriously. My intentions were to do my grocery shopping, cook supper, get the house straightened up, do my nails, wrap presents, and just chill. There was no chill. It has been balls to the wall since about 6:47 am.

If something could go wrong, it did.

I fielded about ten phone calls before 7 am.

Attended a school before 8.

Cried in the Sonic parking lot by 8:45.

Made 1.2 million phone calls.

Got several emergency doctor appointments made.

Accomplished supper, in a round about way.

Picked a kid up from school.

Finished supper.

Cried more.

Got more phone calls from people I didn’t want to talk to.

Confronted some a person.

Finished cooking supper only to realize my anxiety would not let me eat it.

Cried again.

Reached out for prayer.

Spoke the Name of Jesus.

Took a hot shower and cried more.

I am struggling in motherhood.

The thought is that I will never be enough.

PTSD at its finest.

Slept 6 straight hours.

Day is over.


Is going to be better.

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What’s In My Bag 2023 – Mom Edition

What’s In My Bag 2023 – Mom Edition

What's In My Bag 2023 - Mom Edition
Photo by Lum3n on

These are some of the most relaxing (and interesting) videos that I will occasionally watch on YouTube. So here is my What’s In My Bag 2023 – Mom Edition. I think next time, I will take pictures of what is in my bag. However, my purse is downstair and I am upstairs…you get the picture.

What’s In My Bag

I recently downsized my purse from a rather large tote back to a small crossbody type bag. Honestly, I don’t get out much and I found that when I did, I would just grab my wallet. I really don’t like just laying my wallet in a cart, so I thought I needed something with a strap.

As I was unloading my purse these are some of the things that I had in there.

  • Wallet (with all the necessary items)
  • Tide Pen
  • Empty chapstick with electrical tape wrapped around it and necessities stuck inside it (survival tool type things)
  • A piece of leather my dad created that says “hold onto hope.”
  • Ink pens
  • Notepad
  • Boogie board
  • Sharpie
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Chapstick
  • Lipstick

Mom Bag Portion of the Purse

  • Finger nail clippers
  • First aid kit
  • Essential oils (peppermint, digestzen, lavender)
  • Meds for all occasions
  • 3-D printed meds holder
  • Kleenex
  • Sanitizing wipes
  • Bug spray
  • Eye glass cloth
  • Eye drops
  • Toothpicks
  • Mini sewing kit with mini scissors

Protection from the Elements

  • Cat eye-gouger
  • Knife
  • Pepper spray

Questionable Items from Mom Bag

  • 3-D printed Penis-dinosaur keychain
  • Teeth
  • String cheese
  • Lemon Drops
  • Chewed up gum
  • Some object that I’m not sure what it is…a rock or a dried piece of poop
  • Lego men
  • Kite
  • Paci
  • Sock (just one)

Seriously, no clue why or how some of this stuff ended up in my purse. What’s in your purse?

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10 Fun Facts About Me

10 Fun Facts About Me

10 Fun Facts About Me
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I have an about me page that you can always go and look at to get a better glimpse into my life. However, I’m going to try and list different 10 Fun Facts About Me. We shall see if I can actually do it because I find nothing interesting about myself.

  1. My first car was a 1977 Chevette that I paid $900 for with my own money. I loved that car.
  2. I got my first tattoo at the age of 42, the night before B was ordained as a deacon in our church.
  3. When I (or anyone else) brushes my teeth, I close my eyes the entire time. If I open them, I will start gagging.
  4. I have an unhealthy fear of touching my eyeballs or watching anyone touch their eyeballs.
  5. I have dyscalculia.
  6. I watched the movie Shag before every single test in college.
  7. I can create a meal out of absolutely anything and it usually tastes good.
  8. I homeschooled for 20 years.
  9. Graduated high school at 18, PCC at 20, MSU at 32, Liberty at 40 and 50 🙂 #overachiever
  10. I believe that Bart is, hands down, the best human on this planet.


My Husband’s List for Me

  1. Your love of animals (mainly old, mangled, on their last leg).
  2. Your heart for the broken.
  3. Your ability to see through bullshit.
  4. That you say you’re not a people person but you talk to strangers all the time.
  5. Your mother’s heart.
  6. The fact you like to feed people.
  7. That you work hard and succeed in school even through you don’t think you are smart.
  8. You love to travel but only with me.
  9. You like the oddities of life.
  10. You love more fiercely than anybody I know.


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